Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hair war - a repair case update

Dear readers,
The following videoclip shows the hair being combed in different directions and parted at various points. To show the density as well as the lack of the former pluggy appearance.

Hairwar is the net name of a poster on various hairloss related discussion forums. He is a Caucasian from Europe. His journey through hair transplants as well as his experiences may help other HT aspirants to plan their hair restoration procedure.
A brief history - Hairwar is presently in his mid thirties. He first noticed hair loss in 1993.
In 1995, he had 2 strip hair transplant surgeries (about 300 grafts in each session), in Switzerland.
In 1996, he had 2 more strip surgeries within 2 weeks gap at another clinic in Switzerland (again about 300 grafts in each session).
In 1997, he had 1 more strip surgery (600 grafts) in Switzerland.
In 2004, hairwar had a FUE surgery in a clinic in Turkey. Total 1150 FUE grafts. 600 of them placed in crown & 550 placed in hairline. Hairwar feels that his FUE surgery in Turkey led to shock loss in the transplanted hairline and a %age of the transplanted FUE grafts in the hairline did not grow.That amounts to a total of 5 strip surgeries and 1 FUE surgery before coming to us.
If hair war had not got any hair transplants, today he would be a NW5.
Hair war has average scalp laxity in the donor area.

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