Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Finallyfree ( NW 6 with 11,000 + grafts ) - Nov 2007 update

Finallyfree was Norwood 6 stage hairloss patient when he first visited us.
He has undergone 11,000 + grafts in successive procedures utilizing scalp, body and beard donor hair. His future procedures are scheduled to thicken the crown area.

Below is a video recording we took when he visited us recently. In the videorecording, you can see Finallyfree combing his hair as well as the comb being used to part the transplanted hair in different ways to show the naturalness and the density.

The first is a medium definition video. The second the third are parts of the high definition video.

Medium Quality Video clip

High Quality Video clip (part 1)

High Quality Video clip (part 2)

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